Colts Punter Hangs Out With Purdue Fraternity For $10,000

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Nice Move

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Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee was purchased at auction for $10,000 to raise money for ChuckStrong, a cancer research organization started by Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano. The person who dropped 10 grand on McAfee was an Indianapolis woman, who then ordered him to hang out with her son and his friends. The destination? The Kappa Sigma house at Purdue University, where her son is an active member.

McAfee hung out, shot the proverbial shit, drank half a beer, then went on his way. Good stuff. And all for cancer research.


Let’s talk numbers now. Ten grand on a punter? Are you kidding me? Quick, name the best punter in the league. You can’t come up with a name, can you? You know why? NFL punters aren’t even famous. They don’t get to shower with the regular players or join them for post-game dinners. If someone on the team runs out of locker space, he uses the punter’s locker. Even kickers make fun of punters.

Now that the market value for a day spent with an NFL nobody has been established, this changes everything. I need to reconsider my appearance fee and demands.

[via TMZ]


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