Comedian Daniel Tosh Reads Nick Saban’s Biography To Children

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Nice Move

It’s been a few years since I’ve tuned into Tosh.0, the Comedy Central version of an online video aggregation website, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a fan of Tosh and his work — even if his standup is better than his TV persona.

Tosh poked fun at Nick Saban for being a complete and total weirdo this week, reading excerpts from the Alabama football coach’s new biography. I haven’t been paying much attention to Alabama football news recently, but it appears that Saban may not be a fan of the new book. Tosh is from Florida (went to UCF like my boy, Danny Regs), so the Miami Dolphins fandom shtick might be a real thing.

Last year, Tosh tore Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin to shreds with this phenomenal skit about the former USC head coach:

While the Saban skit isn’t as good as the Lane Kiffin masterpiece, it still has some solid lines that make it worth watching.

Check your calendars, boys. We are exactly eight days away from college football, and I am already stoked for five months of Saban-mockery, overwhelming disappointment, binge drinking, and everything else that comes with the start of a new football season.

[via Fox Sports]

Image via Comedy Central


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