Comedian Dave Rubin Drops The Mic On Free Speech, Safe Spaces And Trigger Warnings

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We’ve had an unusually eventful week on college campuses– stemming from incidents at both Yale University and The University of Missouri. Each school has a student body that is divided over a number of issues, including the fundamental rights of free speech.

Weighing in now is comedian Dave Rubin with some interesting thoughts about the importance of free speech on college campuses:

“This is the inherent flaw of identity politics that the regressives love so much. When you whittle us all down to race, religion, nationality, sexuality or whatever else there is, there is very little left to unite us. I’d much rather look at people based on their ideas and beliefs, those are the principles that unite us across the divide that the regressive left has been digging.”

This is a very important issue today. Regardless of your politics, hopefully people can identify the problem with the echo chambers that exists when discourse is silenced. It is, as Rubin says, regressive, not progressive.

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