Conan Mocks Cam Newton’s Sad Postgame Interview

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Nice Move

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Everyone is giving Cam all kinds of shit for being a brat during his postgame interview. But I don’t blame the guy. He just watched his life’s dream fall right out of his hands (then refused to dive on it from fear of injury). Now a bunch of reporters are going to get up in his grill and ask what happened? I’d leave, too.

I know, I know, talking to the vultures in the press is “part of the job,” but in his defense, I feel like postgame interviews exist solely to catch an athlete getting emotional and overreacting. If they go smoothly, they all sound the exact same: “We played as a team.” “We need to play better as a team.” It’s bullshit. Cam gave these folks exactly what they wanted.

He owned up to it himself:

“I’ve been on record to say I’m a sore loser,” Newton said Tuesday as players cleaned out their lockers. “Who likes to lose? You show me a good loser and I’m going to show you a loser. It’s not a popularity contest. I’m here to win football games.”

Despite all that, I’m going to take a complete 180 here and tell you first-hand that Conan’s parody of the postgame interview is funny as fuck. He holds a post-joke press conference after a Cam Newton joke bombs completely.

“Tried to do a joke and it didn’t work.”


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