Convicted Flasher Says Unusually Small Penis Proves His Innocence

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Nice Move

Convicted Flasher Says He Can't Be The Guy Because His Penis Is Too Tiny

A 68-year-old man is going to jail for whipping his dick out and showing it to the world. The only problem is that this guy says he isn’t the suspect police are looking for. Despite having a prostitute eloquently describe his dick to the police, the accused stands firm in saying that his weinus is small to the point that he’d never whip it out in public.

From Metro UK:

Hinton Sheryn, 68, had denied he would get his genitals out in public – because he was embarrassed it was ‘unusually small’.

Hinton now faces 17 years for his crimes. This is a loss for the small penis community. We will overcome this, though. We’ve been playing behind the eight-ball for centuries and things are always coming up tiny.

[via Metro UK]

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