Cool Professor Lets Student Reschedule Midterm For The Cubs Playoff Game

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Nice Move

Awesome Professor Reschedules Midterm To Accomodate Cubs Playoff Game

Professors can be some real hard asses. They won’t budge on bumping that 87 to a 90, excusing your 10 absences, or even cater to your needs when you want to reschedule an exam. They relish in this power over their students. It’s tyranny, really. However, you will occasionally get the cool professor who lets his rules slide a little. For example, this cool guy at the University of Illinois is allowing a student to reschedule a midterm so the kid can take in a Cubs playoff game.

Gotta respect the kid’s blatant honesty here with the professor. For Cubs fans, this opportunity hasn’t presented itself often — they have only been to the playoffs five times during my lifetime.

I’m a firm believer that if you have a shot to see your team win anything significant, then you miss anything to go watch it live. If that means you miss a midterm, so be it. It’s just a grade after all.

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