Coolest Pizza Delivery Guy On Earth Delivers Pizza Like A Boss

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Nice Move

Does it matter that your pizza is nothing but a messy heap of cheese, sauce, and meat that you’ll have to eat with a fork after scraping it out of the box when it’s delivered like this?

No, it doesn’t, because it still tastes like pizza. And you were fortunate enough to encounter the coolest pizza guy in the world, a man who flawlessly and nonchalantly frisbeed your dinner up three floors like he was born to do. What’s the minimum tip for this guy? 300 percent? A-fucking-thousand percent? Whatever you tip him, it’s not enough.

Thanks to Gawker for this great .gif:

Like a boss.

Underrated part of this video? He transported the pizza in his trunk. Who does that? Coolest pizza delivery guy ever does that.

[via Hypervocal]


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