Crazy Chicken Lady Yells At People In Restaurant For Eating Chicken

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Nice Move

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 3.47.01 PM copy

When you first see this lady walk into a restaurant (ass kinda thick though) and start bawking in front of a group of people trying to enjoy their meals, you think she’s talking about a human.

“I have a little girl… she was very abused her whole life… she has a very determined look in her eyes…”

But as the video goes on, it becomes clear she’s actually talking about a chicken. A motherfucking chicken. The same grimy, clucking, flightless birds that often drown by staring at the rain.

#ChickenLivesMatter. She kinda looks like a chicken, doesn’t she? The white jacket and shortcut help.

If this lady interrupted me while I was eating my cordon bleu, you best believe she’s getting bitch-slapped with a wing.

[via Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children]


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