Psycho UGA Fan Goes Apeshit, Calls For Mark Richt’s Head

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Nice Move

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Not too long ago, the Georgia Bulldogs were a top ten team and many people believed they were on their way to the college football playoff. Then they realized they needed to match their recent history of being overhyped in the preseason and fell to a middle of the road team and lost three of their last four games.

Is it time for Georgia to move on from head coach Mark Richt? It may have been time already, but I’m not an AD so the decision is not up to me. If the decision was up to this one crazed UGA fan, Mark Richt’s head would be on a stake outside of his house rotting for the world to see.

He is not happy. Dude needs to relax a little. UGA’s schedule does get lighter the rest of the way, so Richt will probably save his job and give us the opportunity to do this all over again next season.


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