Curt Schilling Had Greatest Response To Donald Trump’s Tweet Asking Who’s Winning The Dem Debate

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Nice Move


Curt Schilling is a loose cannon when it comes to the internet. He’s the guy in your group of friends that you keep around for sheer entertainment value, but are always on edge about because you never know what he’s going to do or say next. In the past, Curt has threatened to track down some guys wanting to do buttstuff with his daughter and compared Muslims to Nazis — the latter leading to his suspension at ESPN. Now he’s at it again.

Last night during the oh-so-entertaining Democratic debate (was it entertaining? I don’t know. I was watching baseball. I assume no, though), Donald Trump was live tweeting the whole thing and asked his followers who was winning. Curt wasted no time dropping the greatest answer ever.

Boom. Curt strikes again. Scoreboard: Dems – 0 Schilling – 1.

Image via YouTube


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