Girl Takes To Snapchat To Give Out The Ultimate Dick Pic Guide

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Cute Girl Takes To Snapchat To Give Out The Ultimate Dick Pic Guide

Dick pics: some guys do them, smart guys don’t. Frankly, if you’re just firing these things out all willy-nilly with no regard for reciprocation from the female on the receiving end, you’re doing it so wrong. There’s a certain etiquette that I follow when it comes to swapping nudes: I get a nude first, then I send a picture of my dog. It hasn’t failed me in the past, and the forecast for the future looks strong to quite strong.

Girls have started to try and explain the proper way to take a dick pic because they think we care. For instance, take this girl Reece. She hopped on Snapchat to post a user guide for how to take the proper dick pic, all the techniques included.

Check ’em out:









Technique number four is the one that all of you should be doing. It does not exist; therefore, your dick pic should not exist. It’s basic logical reasoning. However, if you absolutely have to take one (because you have a gun to your head) I would highly recommend following Thad Castle’s tips:

Always, and I repeat, always remember that if you don’t get a bunch of titty pics after you send it, you’re allowed to sue her.

h/t BroBible

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