This Dad With A Mullet And American Flag Bandana Icing Guys At His Daughter’s Tailgate Is Peak Dad

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Nice Move

Mullet? Check. American flag bandana? Check. T-shirt tucked into the dad jeans? Check.

Pops has it all figured out. I guarantee he discovered icing people that morning and now he can’t get enough. Classic dad move. He’s all in now. Just gonna keep ruthlessly icing fools and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Because that’s what dads do when they learn a new trend that is only new to them.

Earlier this year he was teaching everyone he met how to Dougie. Right now it’s icing people. And in a couple months, every soul he comes into contact with with have to answer once and for all what “those” are.

It’s only a matter of time before he takes it too far and ices the dinner guests with a bottle of wine. Then the missus will put an end to it. Moms are the only ones who can stop a Dad Trend from running off the rails.

Keep doing you, Dads of America.


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