Twitter Obliterated The Dallas Mavericks For Hosting A Women’s Basketball 101 Clinic

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Nice Move

Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks are hosting a “Basketball 101” day for the ladies on September 13 and took to Twitter to announce it.

Seems innocent enough, right? A little dinner, meet and greet with the Mavs players, and a little basketball instruction. Sounds exactly like the Mavs basketball camp I attended growing up as a kid. I learned a lot, so why can’t adults get the same?

I’m sure there are plenty of women in the DFW area who have an interest in basketball, but know nothing about the game, so an event like this would be beneficial to those females who want to sound smarter with their basketball lingo.

Well, this is 2016, and this event is now being considered misogynist by the folks on Twitter.

Now here is my issue with this whole outrage: Had this been a tweet from the Dallas Mavericks Dancers, and put on by the Dallas Mavericks Dancers, there is no outrage. No one would get mad at a group of women putting on a clinic for women. It’d be the same situation if TFM were to do a football 101 clinic for all the girls who know nothing about football. If TSM did this, no one is mad even though the point of the event is still the same.

Just don’t get it.

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