Damages From Sigma Alpha Mu’s Ski Trip Are Now Reaching $430,000

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Nice Move

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A little more than a month ago, we covered the story of Sigma Alpha Mu from the University of Michigan wreaking havoc on a ski resort to the tune of $50,000 in estimated damage. Well, now the general manager of the Gaylord resort is saying the total in repairs is more around $430,000.

From the Detroit Free Press:

If you just look at our out-of-pocket expenses, things we’ve paid to contractors, third parties, it’s around $230,000. It doesn’t take into consideration management time or damage to the resort’s reputation. Our accountants and attorneys are saying that this could be up to an additional $200,000,” Barry Owens, Treetops general manager, said in an e-mail statement Saturday.

Sigma Alpha Mu is no longer recognized as a student organization at the University of Michigan, and the sorority Sigma Delta Tau has been placed on disciplinary suspension for its role in this destructive weekend.

Like I said before, never leave the ball in a hotel’s court. These are the same snakes that will bone you for every additional charge they can, so of course they’re going to spend with reckless abandon when they know you’ll have to foot the bill. I don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for the resort. That place is going to look better than it ever has before.

Hey Barry, maybe cut the kids a break and stop plating everything in gold.

[via Detroit Free Press]


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