Dan Bilzerian Absolutely Destroys “Millionaire Matchmaker” Casting Agent In Email

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Nice Move

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“Millionaire Matchmaker” is a television show wherein Patti Stanger–the host of the show and acclaimed matchmaker–matches millionaires with gold diggers potential mates. It’s a simple concept, really. The show recently reached out to everyone’s favorite, philanthropic porn star chucker to appear on an episode and partake in the matchmaking process.

It would seem, to me anyway, they’re barking up the wrong tree to begin with. Is Dan the type that needs to be set up with anyone? It would appear that he’s doing pretty well on his own.

Anyway, Dan declined the offer in a very Dan Bilzerian way–with just a tinge of asshole. Below is the email he sent to a member of the show’s casting crew, which we have obtained fucking exclusively.


Suffice it to say, Dan will not be appearing on the show. Did Dan do it again or did Dan do it again? (Dan did it again.)

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