Dan Bilzerian Bought $100K Worth Of Powerball Tickets, Is Giving Away Millions On Instagram If He Wins

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Nice Move

I was feeling pretty good about my chances tonight, but that was before I saw Dan Bilzerian’s most recent Instagram post.

It’s not enough that this son of a bitch is out there just doing whatever the fuck he wants all day everyday — he has to go and ruin the sliver of hope normal folks had of being stupid wealthy.

Come on, man. $100,000 worth of fucking Powerball tickets? How do you even go about purchasing that many? Do you have to visit the national lottery office or some shit? Is there a limit on how many you can buy? THESE ARE QUESTIONS NO MAN SHOULD HAVE TO ASK.

Just a dick move, really. “Oh, you poors are out there getting all giddy about the prospect of winning a billion and change in the Powerball? Excuse me while I buy $100,000 worth of tickets because I want to pick up a few more Instagram followers.”

God damn it, Dan. This is serious shit to some of us.


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