Dan Bilzerian Takes Wounded Vets On Yacht With Scores Of Half-Naked Babes

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Nice Move

Say what you will about the polarizing billionaire playboy/ big tits, guns, and cars enthusiast/ poker player Dan Bilzerian, but this was a pretty cool thing to do for our wounded veterans. Danny B took some of them out on his yacht, which was loaded with beer and snacks and sexy ladies.

I think it’s about time we rethink how we give back to the men who have sacrificed themselves for our country. Taking wounded warriors kayaking or sky-diving or rock climbing is all well and good and it makes morning talk show viewers happy. But honestly, what would you rather have after spending years in a crumbling desert city where everyone’s trying to kill you, then several more years in a hospital? A brand-new shiny plastic kayak? Or a used shiny plastic hooker? Scratch that. THREE used shiny plastic hookers — all at the same time?


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