Dating App Hinge Releases Most Successful Opening Lines

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Hinge is the brilliant new dating app that people think is less creepy than Tinder because it matches you with people based on friendships. Of course, a “third degree friend,” as the app likes to call it, is an interesting term for a complete stranger. “Oh, you’re a Facebook friend of a Facebook friend of my Facebook friend? It’s like we’ve been together for years!” It’s bullshit, but hey, people are buying the gimmick.

The app recently compiled a bunch of data to find the ideal opening line. Hinge copywriters fired out over a hundred original one-liners to 22 percent of their users, told them to slide into their match’s DMs using the given pick-up material, and then measured the response rates.

Here are the results from

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And “Buttstuff” is for you and me.

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They didn’t show any cities in the southeast because “Buttstuff?” was the top opener.

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Men are 500% more likely to respond to an assertive buttstuff message.

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Any time is a good time for buttstuff.

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Buttstuff. It’s fun for all ages.

[via Hinge]

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