Daughter Of Butler’s President Posts Her Own Nudes On Blog After Jealous Girl Tries To Sabotage Her

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Daughter Of Butler's President Posts Her Own Nudes On Blog After Jealous Girl Tries To Sabotage Her

Here at the TFM headquarters, we receive some weird shit in our inboxes. Things can range from “fuck you intern” messages all the way up to some random chick sending in nudes with the subject line “Slutler University.” I’m not just talking about a nude or two — I’m talking about a full-blown album of nudes. As any smart man would do, I checked them out and went on with my day because I wasn’t sure what the girl was trying to say in her email.

The original email said:

can’t believe danko’s tuition hike just so this slut can be a slut. think twice before fucking my boyfriend you stupid whore!!!!!!!!!!

Well… for someone who’s so into “school” this bitch has ZERO class. wait til we find those videos.

I decided to respond with a swift two-word response: “Uh….okay?” She responded with this:

i know!!! can’t believe this WHORE texted my boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!

After chalking it up as nothing more than a jealous, crazy girl, we decided to do nothing with it. Well, it turns out that the girl in the nudes just so happens to be the daughter of Butler University’s president, James Danko. In an attempt to turn the tables on this jealous girl, Melanie Danko created her own blog and threw up the nudes herself. In addition, she also posted the following message:

I was recently informed that an email containing naked and provocative selfies was distributed to an extensive list of my peers, colleagues, media and worst of all, students and staff of the university where my father is president. My initial reaction, was shame of course. The email labeled me a slut, amongst other unsavory words with a threat to leak a video as well.
Instead of taking these pictures and shaming me as well CO-ED Media reached out to me and very tastefully presented what had happened (LINK HERE). I was hurt, shocked and mortified. I briefly wondered who hated my family so much to try and embarrass my dad by somehow finding my personal pictures and attempting to humiliate my family.
After my moment of self-pity, I decided: WHO GIVES A FUCK. Whatever this person was trying to prove, they did not. I am a daughter, friend, sister, granddaughter, niece, girlfriend, cousin but most importantly I am Melanie Danko a 26 year old woman who isn’t perfect by any means but I’m proud of my naked body. I’m not ashamed of how I look and nobody should be. If you want to get naked, take pictures, have safe sex with someone you trust—you should! You shouldn’t be ashamed to be who you are. Look at you! You are so hot! There are so many people in this world who think YOU are gorgeous and want to see you naked! You should be proud of your body, never ashamed.
I’m no stranger to gossip on campuses, heck, due to my dad’s profession I’ve lived on more campuses than I can count on my fingers and I am so incredibly lucky to have that experience and I am so proud of my dad for putting up with the immense stressors that goes along with his professional life. College is a time to figure it out, learn in and outside the classroom. I’m not a doctor, not a professor, just a simple girl who struggled with her grades but I do want to teach you one thing: love yourself.
Now here are the nudes that I want you to see, because guess what, I take a lot of nude selfies. I’ve made sex tapes. I do it because I like to. These are not the one somebody found via 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th party, these are mine and now they’re yours too.
Melanie Joy Danko
PS: I still don’t fully understand how the cloud works. Just throwing that out there. Does anyone?

That’s quite the power move to just straight up say “fuck it” and throw them up online for everyone to see. It seems like Melanie knows a thing or two about dealing with super psycho chicks. I almost feel bad for the boyfriend who is dating the girl because he has to deal with that on a daily basis. Melanie has since taken down the nudes. Sorry, guys.

This whole fiasco has taught me that I never want to have a daughter.

[via TinkerMellie.com]

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