Dayton Flyers Accidentally Charter Hillary Clinton’s Branded Campaign Plane, Actually Win With It

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Nice Move

Finally, this plane can travel with some winners for once.

The Dayton Flyers beat Alabama 77-72 in Tuscaloosa this afternoon, but the only reason this story is newsworthy has nothing to do with what happened on the basketball court. Rather, it is how the Dayton Flyers traveled to the game that caught everyone’s attention — on Hillary’s branded “Stronger Together” jet. You know, the one from this terrible mannequin challenge:

If that doesn’t connect with middle America, nothing will!


The Dayton Flyers basketball team traveled to Alabama Monday on a plane used by Clinton during her failed presidential campaign. The Boeing 737-800 with the words “Stronger Together” and “” on the side was leased by the University of Dayton which said it was not aware until the aircraft landed it was a branded Clinton plane.

The university told the Dayton Daily News its charter service has used planes of professional sports teams before but it’s the first time the Flyers have flown on a candidate-branded plane.

Dayton does not get to choose which aircrafts it charters and was totally blindsided by the Clinton 737-800 on the tarmac. It came as a real shock, as an unbranded 737-800 was a clear favorite in the polls to take the team to Tuscaloosa.

The Dayton Flyers are Stronger Together. At least the slogan makes sense now.


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