Dear Tryhards, You Can Buy A Signed Copy Of “Wagon Wheel” Handwritten Lyrics

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Nice Move

That sound you just heard was the sound of thousands of pairs of Chubbies simultaneously tightening in the crotchal region all across the country, their elastic waistbands stretching out to make room for those little tryhard chubs. A chance to give their hands a break from practicing bow tie knots to snatch up their very own handwritten and signed “Wagon Wheel” lyrics is a tryhard’s wet dream.

A signed, handwritten and framed copy of “Wagon Wheel” lyrics is currently available on eBay. The piece is signed by Ketch Secor, co-writer of the widely popular American fraternity anthem. The auction ends on Friday, November 22 at 6:30 PST. 29 tryhards have already placed tryhard bids on the item, and the current top bid sits at 1,575 tryhard dollars.

The item description from eBay user mcfarlynn:

Handwritten and signed lyric by songwriter Ketch Secor (co-writer Bob Dylan) of “Wagon Wheel.” Recorded by Old Crow Medicine Show and by Darius Rucker. Platinum 2013. Beautifully matted and framed. 11.5 x 17.5 inches. If buyer lives in Nashville, a volunteer will deliver the item.

Click image to enlarge.

Pull out your Southern South wallets and drop a few grand of your dad’s hard-earned money on this once-in-a-lifetime piece of tryhard lore.

[via eBay]



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