Delta Chi Member Exploits Airline Loophole, Flies First Class Around The World, Pounds Drinks The Entire Way

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Nice Move

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In what may be the biggest con since your roommate signed up for Vemma Verve, a Delta Chi member managed to game Emirates Airlines into a first class, 11-city, 7-country, 5-continent trip around the world — all under the guise of a round-trip flight from New York to Melbourne.

The trip itself should’ve costed around $60,000. This cunning guy was able to make it happen for $300 with some frequent flyer miles and a little bit of elbow grease.

His method was pretty simple. He booked a flight from New York to Melbourne with extended layovers in Milan, Dubai, Sydney, Auckland, and Singapore. Not much of a loophole, but apparently Emirates is dumb enough to let that shit fly. Literally.

Basically, this enterprising bastard managed to travel to some of the most opulent cities on the planet in the most opulent fashion possible, just by dicking around with his itinerary. Free bottles of Dom, open bars, in-flight showers, wild caviar, Hennessy Paradis, you name it. His trip was as smooth and glossy as a Zeta’s baby cannon on formal night.

In other words, he got to fly around the world like a fucking Saudi prince (minus the two tons of amphetamines and sweaty keffiyeh) for less than what I spent on public intoxication tickets last month.

Based on the video below, he was shitfaced the entire time.


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