Derek Jeter Denies Ever Giving Gift Baskets To His Slams The Next Morning

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Nice Move

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Derek Jeter already retired from baseball, and soon he’s retiring his manhood when he officially ties the knot with supermodel Hannah Davis. RIP Jeets, but hey – can’t blame the guy for locking up Hannah. Jeter still has some great stories about all of his other sexual partners. The man slayed. But the story that tops them all? It would have to be the 2011 story claiming that he would give the girls he slept with gift baskets the morning after they stayed at his place.

Turns out, that story may not be true. At least that’s what Derek is claiming. In a recent interview with Joe Buck, he addressed the rumor.

From FOX Sports:

Jeter offered a strong denial to the 2011 New York Post item that he sent ladies off with a courtesy gift basket after a one-night stand.

“On top of it, it was a gift basket of my own memorabilia,” he said incredulously. “So, it’s a dumb story. And you really have to be dumber to believe it. But they [the public] believe it.”

A dumbfounded Jeter then turned to the studio audience and asked, “You guys really believe that? My own memorabilia, I’m signing?”

Classic move here by Jeter. Deny, deny, deny. That’s cover up 101. He’s trying to keep his dirty laundry on the hush so Hannah doesn’t start asking questions and nagging him constantly while they’re married. Every guy does this when they enter a new relationship. Any story out there about a guy is all hearsay according to him.

Jeter failed to address the “yeah jeets” rumor, which must mean he still does that.

[via FOX Sports]

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