Dick Of The Year Nomination: Jose Tabata Cheated Max Scherzer Out Of A Perfect Game

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Nice Move

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Max Scherzer is good at baseball. This past offseason he was finally able to escape the ramshackle city of Detroit and mosied his way into the nation’s capital with the help of a nice $210 million deal. Since that move, the man has done nothing but decimate opposing lineups, earning him a sexy 1.76 ERA this season.

He was nearing a perfect game this past weekend, just one game removed from his one-hit performance earlier in the week. Jose Tabata, the Pirates’ pinch-hitter, stepped into the batter’s box. Scherzer was possibly just one pitch away from securing his name into the baseball history books. Tabata worked the count to an even 2-2, then pulled what I consider to be a golden contender for Dick Move of the Year.

Watch that one closely. Tabata drops his fucking elbow into the pitch. The asshole didn’t have the decency to simply make a legitimate and legal effort to get on base. Instead, he chose the bottom-tier route. He cut a corner and found himself standing on first base. He got what he wanted, and pissed off an entire city in the process.

The man went 26 outs without allowing a man on base, only to lose it to a chach wearing protective gear.

Fucking right, Luke.

If I’m Tabata, I’m batting in riot gear every time I step foot in D.C.

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