Did Obama Really Say We Shouldn’t Celebrate Our Independence Day?

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Nice Move

No. No, he did not. You knuckleheads. Stop sending in your tips about it. It’s simply not true.

This article, for those not caught up to speed, has been making the rounds this week. In it, President Obama is quoted as saying — or encouraging, more particularly — Americans not to celebrate the 4th of July, our Independence Day, due to our country’s “radical” and unjust split from Great Britain.

Here’s the quote:

“America is a great country. There is no denying this. However, I caution you all as you step forward in your careers. Peer back into history and ask yourselves- Was a revolution truly necessary? Great Britain may not have had it completely right, but they had many things right. Take taxes for example. If your neighbor makes $1 Million a year, but you and your family can barely keep the heat on should he not help your family? God instructs us to help our neighbors. He does not instruct us to look down upon them though the windows of capitalism. Why then on the Fourth of July should you celebrate such a radical break from what is Godly and just? No doubt there are many voices warning you of the harm of big government. They are wrong. Government can provide you with what family and friends cannot. If this is gone what will you have?”

What many are apparently missing, though, is that it’s tagged as “satire,” thus completely fictional.

You’ve upset the president.

[via The Liberty Paper]

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