Disturbing Pro-ISIS Graffiti Painted On Rock At Youngstown State

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Nice Move

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A rock at Youngstown State University in Ohio was vandalized with pro-ISIS rhetoric. The extremist organization’s flag as well as phrases like “We Are Coming” and “France Deserves Destruction” were painted on the rock.

Absolutely disgusting and cowardly.

The university has since painted over the rock with white.

Do I think there’s a possibility of a terrorist attack at Youngstown? Slim to none. I almost guarantee this is the handiwork of some morbidly obese neckbeard virgins who were ostracized by their college peers and spend their days paroozing the atheism subreddit and hating all that is good in the world. They’re most likely not going to do shit. But as is the case with any threat like this made on a college campus, I’m sure the students are understandably nervous.

I hope the university brings the turds who did this to justice swiftly. When they do, the only sensible solution will be to send them to Syria to fight ISIS themselves. Don’t give them a gun or anything. Just send them to the front doors of ISIS-occupied buildings and have them lure the bastards out for the real fighters. The last thing they’ll say before getting blown to shit by a suicide bomber will be “ISIS is coming.”

h/t COED

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