Does This Taylor Swift Lip Dub By A Fraternity Belong On Fail Friday?

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Nice Move

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It’s a simple yes or no question. Does this T-Swift lip dub by Transylvania University’s Delta Sigma Phi chapter belong on Fail Friday?

On one hand, it’s a Taylor Swift song, albeit a catchy-as-fuck one. To add, you have to consider all the meticulous choreography that went into this, plus all the practice hours logged. This wasn’t a shoddy undertaking that came to fruition the same day someone came up with the idea. This took real planning and effort. But still, it’s a T-Swift lip dub. The cool factor is severely lacking.

On the other hand, well, it’s just kinda entertaining and well executed. And I tend to respect those who will let it all hang out for the sake of entertainment.

Watch, then decide:

Does this video belong on Fail Friday?

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