Donald Trump Loves Latinos (And His Ex-Wife?)

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Nice Move

Trump got festive this Cinco de Mayo by housing some authentic Trump Tower Mexican food.

Brilliant move. I can’t tell if he intended for this to come off as a joke, but everyone seems to think it is. And it’s working. Don called Mexicans a bunch of rapists to lock down the hardcore right, but now that he’s about to enter the general election, he’s gotta win over the moderates by pulling a 180 and turning his past racism into a joke. How does he do that? Business Insider has this theory:

Trump can’t unsay things — like that Mexico is sending us “rapists.” But he can do his best to turn his racism problem into a big joke.

Trump’s taco tweet is comical. It is so cartoonish in its insensitivity and its pandering that it reads like a joke. Usually, “comical” is not the look a presidential candidate wants to go for. But it’s better than “offensive.”

If Trump can get some voters to laugh off his race and ethnicity problems — and perhaps to think of them in a category with the outrage over “disrespectful” inauthentic sushi at Oberlin, as another example of the little problems that some people get too worked up about these days — that will help him get away with the more pernicious manifestations of his racial and ethnic outlook.

Crazy how a politician can essentially rewrite his past with a few well-played social posts.

Also, notice the magazine underneath his big, edible bowl of Mexican stuff. Trump was looking forlongingly at an old article about his ex-wife.

Maybe he still loves her? Or maybe he plans on using her face as TP once that bowl of slop makes its way into his lower intestine.

[via Business Insider]

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