Donald Trump’s Son Says Waterboarding Is No Different Than Fraternity Hazing

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Nice Move

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If you thought the Don and his family would go quietly into the night after Iowa, you just haven’t been paying attention to much of anything have you? Not just this presidential campaign. I’m talking decades of Trumps doing Trump things. This is the same guy who took on the NFL — successfully for a few years, mind you — before his ego got the best of him. Should have stuck to spring football, my man. But rolling over just isn’t his style. He takes everything head on, and so do his sons.

So is it any surprise that we have back-to-back Trump stories tonight? Not at all. They’re revving the engines on this whole campaign thing. His son Eric has been hitting the media circuit on behalf of his old man, and the topic of waterboarding terrorists naturally came about — as it does from time to time.

Tell ’em, Eric.

This is day one, welcome to the shit, fraternity baptism for 90% of the south. Come hell week, pledges are begging to be waterboarded. It’s one of the more humane techniques in the pledge process and, frankly, a little too vanilla and easy on terrorists. Let some sick, sadistic, former pledge master unleash some real hazing on these motherfuckers and we’d shut down ISIS by tomorrow. Looking at you, Jon Hamm. You beautiful, psychotic, light-pledges-on-fire, cheeky bastard.

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