DON’T SLEEP On A Shot To Win Up To $1,500 From DraftKings

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Nice Move

Our buddies over at DraftKings are holding a special contest just for TFM where you can enter their $20,000 British Open tournament for free as a first time depositor. Fantasy golf is pretty simple. Even your worthless pledges can understand it, and they’re pledges. You’re given $50,000 in cap space to select the 6 best golfers you think will accumulate the most points. Points are based on how well a golfer does – lower the score on a hole, higher the points.

Enter Contest For FREE As First Time Depositor

If this is your first foray into DraftKings, then your entry is completely free. If you’re a Draft Kings vet like myself, then it’s only $2 to play. First place in the $20,000 British Open tournament takes home $1,500. You can’t pass on a shot at that payout for just sitting on your ass and clicking the mouse a few times.

Go sign up and draft yourself a winning squad to earn your shot at $1,500, or go pledge again. Get in before the contest fills!

Enter Contest For FREE As First Time Depositor


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