Dorn Sets World Record With 116 MPH Lacrosse Shot

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Nice Move

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Useless, obscure athletic abilities run in the Dorn family. We can’t explain this trait. We just show our skills off and, unfortunately, aren’t able to benefit from them. We can draw a crowd, though. For example, I used to own a half court hook shot that I could hit at about a 35% clip. I’d make it or rim out every time. But then you throw me out there in live action, and I was just your average, white high school freshman with very limited game.

Zak Dorn knows what I’m talking about. He doesn’t have Gatorade or Nike knocking on his door, but he owns the fastest lacrosse shot in the game.

From American Live Wire:

Major League Lacrosse fan Zak Dorn qualified to partake in the 2014 MLL Fastest Shot contest shooting 107 mph in the Rabil Warrior Challenge.

Dorn then went on to first tie Mike Sawyer’s world record 114 mph shot and then break the world record with a rocket shot coming in 116 mph.

Classic Dorn. Classic. Just so fucking classic.

[via American Live Wire]


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