The 10 Frattest Sports Movie Characters

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Nice Move

Every penis-wielding son of a bitch in our great nation appreciates when sports and American cinema are combined. Classic movies like “The Natural,” “Hoosiers” and “The Sandlot” strike emotionally down in the deepest parts of our loins, and iconic scenes from these timeless flicks make our bollocks tingle. Today we’ll examine the character traits of the most respected characters from all-time great sports movies, and analyze their inspirational attributes.

Roy McAvoy

Roy McAvoy is a PGA caliber talent with no shot at earning his card. He’s held back by his beer drinking, tail-chasing and mental instability. Roy is also a short-tempered hot head with gambling problems.

Guy’s FaF, though. He committed a devastating post-grad TFM while caddying for PGA great, David Simms. After suggesting Simms hit the 3-wood and carry the water on the short par 5 16th, Simms refused and shaped a smooth 7-iron in perfect approach position. After Simms’ partner, Craig Stadler, proposed a bet to “Tin Cup” that he couldn’t make the shot, he accepted, costing him his job. McAvoy fucking stuck it, though.

Oh yeah, and he also stole Simms’ girlfriend and gave her the business in his Winnebago.



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  1. 6

    I laughed so hard at this and I like the self promo, but you you forgot all of the starters from the West Canaan Coyotes…And Tweeder drank beers, cause…well…Tweeder drinks beers.

    ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 5 years ago
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    SIGnificant brother

    what about forrest gump. he played football for the great bear bryant, he did some hazing in Vietnam, got the metal of honor, then went back over seas to hazed a chinese man with a paddle, invested in apple, and then to top it all off, he liked to fish and owned like 7 boats

    ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 5 years ago
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    What about Warden Hazen in the longest yard, he should get in on his name alone. Perhaps Coach Bud Kilmer in Varisty Blues, he only coached high school but it was Texas football.

    ^ ThisTake a lapLog in or sign up to reply. • 5 years ago

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