Douchebag MMA Fighter Acts Like Douchebag Pre-Fight, Gets KO’d In Seconds

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Nice Move

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If the shitty tattoos covering the entire face and body of Julian “Jules the Jackal” Rabaud (including a “hood” and a “rich” over each eye) weren’t a dead giveaway that he’s a total fucking asshat, his behavior in the pre-fight matchup versus Ben Nguyen would be a pretty good indicator.

When Rabaud, who was defending his bantamweight title, squared off with Nguyen for press photos leading up to the match, he decided to try and flex his nuts, which are probably tatted with an eight ball or a yin and yang or something equally cliché and round.

When the cameras started flashing, Rabaud pressed his fist and forehead into Nguyen, who seemed to find the childish, cowardly act pretty hilarious.

The next night, after a mere 28 seconds in the octagon, Nguyen dropped the Jackal with an uppercut to the dome.

“Hey man, I think you got something on your face. Here, let me get that for you…”

Nguyen walked away with the belt. The Jackal walked away with his tail between his legs, a bruised ego, and probably a bruised frontal cortex. Hopefully, whatever part of the brain responsible for flagrant douchebaggery was jarred loose and Rabaud awakens in a hospital, takes one look at his self-mutilated face in the mirror, and realizes what a complete and utter joke his life has become. If not, a quick Google search of his own name will tell him just that.

It’s always satisfying to see the cocky asshole get tooled by the good guy, and this vid filled my underpants with karma cream.

Let this be a lesson to all the trash-talkers out there. If you talk mess, you better have the fists to back it up. I know I don’t, but that’s what the 70 other guys at my tailgate are for.

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