Draft Your NBA Team Now And Win $200,000 Christmas Day

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Nice Move

After being showered with presents on Christmas morning, you’ll be at home, bored and looking for something to do besides jack it in your old bedroom. Well, the NBA has a full slate of games to keep you entertained and DraftKings is here to help you bank on it like Tim Duncan banks in an incredibly boring jumper.

Enter the $200,000 Contest NOW

Our good friends over at DraftKings are holding a special 1-day contest just for TFM that you can enter for a shot at the top prize of $25,000 in their NBA $200K Holiday Classic. With $25,000, you might as well be an NBA player making it rain at the strip club. You can even do your best LeBron James by throwing that powder in the air like you just don’t care, except instead of powder, it’ll be big-faced hundreds, and you’ll be mauled by strippers.

The rules on DraftKings are simple. You’re given $50,000 in cap space to put together an 8-player team that will score the most fantasy points. Rebounds, assists, steals and blocks have a higher weight than points scored, so take that into consideration. Win big IN JUST 1-DAY, because waiting an entire season for a payout is for your crazy Aunt Linda.

Enter The Contest NOW

The entry fee for this shindig is $20. So instead of buying your slam some sort of Christmas gift, enter this shit. First place in the NBA $200K Holiday Classic will take home $25,000 in cold hard cash. She’ll understand and be showering you with blowjobs after you win.

Don’t be a Scrooge like old man Timmy D. Sign up now before the contest fills and earn your shot at $25,000.


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