Drone-Killing Assault Eagles Exist And America Needs Them Now

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Drone-Killing Assault Eagles Exist And America Needs Them Now

In an effort to curb the personal drone extravaganza that everyone’s weird cousin is really into these days, Dutch company Guards From Above is training eagles to intercept hostile drones and save humanity from creeper cams and slow-motion flyover video shots.

You read that correctly — the Dutch have fucking assault eagles. See for yourself:

Guards From Above, which has a far cooler startup name than most of the shit out of Silicon Valley, said that eagles are nature’s perfect drone hunters.

“In nature, birds of prey often overpower large and dangerous prey,” their website says. “Their talons have scales, which protect them, naturally, from their victims’ bites.”

While our patriotic dreams of bazooka-equipped Ronald Reagans riding raptors may never come true, assault eagles actually exist, and America needs them immediately. This is the kind of shit our country is made for.

[via Foreignpolicy.com]

Image via YouTube


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