Drugs And Crazy People, That’s What TomorrowWorld Does

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Nice Move

Austin City Limits, more commonly known as ACL, kicks off this week, and I will be there. If the experience is anything like TomorrowWorld, I can’t wait. Last weekend, outside of Atlanta, TomorrowWorld brought together some big-name EDM artists and it looked like a fucking blast. Drugs? Check. Alcohol? Check. Humping in a dirty pool of water? You bet your ass they had it. The music could have been classical Beethoven and these people would have still raged their faces off.

Exhibit A:

This guy, drugged out of his mind, was air-humping the shit out of the ground before trying to fight every dude in the vicinity. I need whatever he was on for this weekend.

Exhibit B:

Check out this chick just humping some dude in a pool of what I can only imagine is 40 percent piss, 40 percent AIDS, and 20 percent water. She even decides to hump the shit out of the water because she’s not STD-infested enough.

ACL can’t start soon enough.


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