Drunk Guy Claims His Dog Drove Him To The Store

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Nice Move

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They say a dog is a man’s best friend. However, they never said anything about a dog being a man’s best designated driver. That’s exactly what this drunk Georgia man claimed when he was arrested at the store.

From WTOC:

The driver of the car, Wesley Mark Terrell, 60, of Creekshore Drive told Partain that his dog drove him to Bell’s to buy some corn. According to the sheriff, Terrell appeared to be highly intoxicated.

We’ve all had our own great lies we’ve told while drunk, and all of them are probably more legitimate than this guy’s. There was zero chance he was getting away with this. All for an ear of corn, too. He should have just ordered a pizza.

 The long dick of the law has fucked our Georgia village idiot (and rightfully so) as he was arrested and charged with a DUI and animal cruelty for leaving his dog in the car when temperatures were upward of 99 degrees.

Partain arrested Terrell and charged him with Animal Cruelty and DUI. Animal Control took custody of the dog.

Seriously, fuck you, man. You try to use your dog to get you out of a DUI and leave him in the car when it’s that hot out? He’s the worst kind of human.

[via WTOC]

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