This Drunk Oklahoma Fan At The TCU Game Is The Worst Kind Of Human

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Nice Move


When opposing fans come to your town, you never know what to expect. Maybe you’ll get some friendly trash talking from them, maybe they’ll try to blend in, or maybe they’re one of the “real fans,” who are there to be as annoying as possible.

Enter this one Oklahoma fan who traveled to Fort Worth to watch his Sooners nearly blow it against the Frogs. What makes him the worst type of person is clapping in someone’s face. That’s when you have to draw the line. Check out his incessant clapping.

I, for one, am disappointed in the TCU fans here. It would have taken one swift uppercut to take out this little hobbit. This kid’s ego is way too big for his height. Just pummel the kid and let it be over with, because I don’t think his OU friend (possible dad) would have cared.

Hope I see him this weekend and he claps in my face so I can drop his ass. Section 24. Come find me.

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[via Kilelr Frogs]


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