Drunk UGA Student Falls From 9TH FLOOR Dorm Window, Walks It Off Like A Boss

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A UGA student fell (jumped?) from a window on the ninth floor of Russell Hall, where he reportedly lives, early Sunday morning. I’m not a mathematician, but nine floors is roughly 9 trillion feet off the ground, which is a lot of feet if you think about it.

He somehow survived the fall. Not only did he survive, but he walked away from it, went back upstairs to his room, and went to sleep. He only went to the hospital later on to seek medical attention because his boys insisted.

Exactly my thoughts. Dude’s lit.

From The Red & Black:

Police are considering a number of possible scenarios, according to the statement.

“It appears that alcohol consumption on the part of the injured party may have played a role in this incident,” according to the statement. “It should also be noted that this is the second documented incident involving the injured party.”

Police do not yet know exactly how or where the fall occurred, according to the statement.

“He jumped out the window,” said Will Salisbury, freshman international business major from Cumming, who knows the students who took him to the hospital. “He somehow made it back up to the ninth floor – I don’t know how he did that.”

It sounds like the kid was just really drunk, according to this anonymous tipster:

A UGA freshman got blackout drunk, kicked out the screen outside of his window and jumped out of his 9th story dorm room. Apparently him being drunk saved his life because he was completely limp when he landed on his feet. He punctured a lung, broke a vertebrae, and knocked himself out with his knees hitting his head when he landed. He woke up 3 hours later, walked back into his dorm. He is currently in the hospital but doing well. I don’t think he was running from the cops or anything, he just did it being an idiot.

Those injuries are very minor considering how far he fell. I would have expected multiple compound fractures, severe internal bleeding, a fractured skull, and of course certain death. All he broke was a vertebrae? Wow. Snap a clavicle for me one time!

That theory of being so limp from alcohol that it actually helped him is pretty funny. I just picture this kid helplessly flailing through the air and thumping the lawn below in a lifeless heap of flesh, guts, and shattered bones. Just the vertebrae, though. Amazing.

[via The Red & Black]

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