Dude Draws Up Insanely Idiotic Contract To Memorialize Worst Golf Bet Ever

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Nice Move

Originally appeared on Postgradproblems.com

Golf is a gentleman’s game, except for when it’s not.

I received an email yesterday from a buddy titled, “Look at this dumbass golf bet Stu and Dan are entering into.” Naturally, I dropped whatever I was working on at the time to find out what could be so “dumbass” about a golf bet. I mean, I enter golf bets often, but what I don’t do is draft a contract to solidify the bet. No, it’s a gentleman’s game, so a handshake usually does the trick. Not here, though.


Other than the glaring mistakes, this seems legit.

This apparently started when our parties got into some good natured shit-talking over a fantasy football thread (fantasy football season is getting close, so make sure you plan accordingly). Then things escalated. That’s right. Next thing they knew, this previously lighthearted banter bled over into a group text. That’s how you know it got real.



Despite knowing Dan for the better part of a decade, I’ve never played golf with him. With that being said, I’ve been assured that he is “one of the shittiest golfers on the planet” and has “no business ever showing his face on a real course.” I’ll be rooting for him, though. He’s the people’s champ.


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