Dude Kicks Through Door At McDonalds, Pepper Sprays Staff, And Moons Everyone On The Way Out

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Nice Move

This is what happens when you increase the price of a McDouble.

According to the YouTube description, these shenanigans went down in Galway, Ireland, which TSM writer Babe Lincoln assures me has a “very stabby vibe.” After watching this video I’m inclined to believe her.

It’s hard to say what led to this pure Irish fury, but my stereotypical attitude about any country other than America makes me think that alcohol and blind fury over the Shamrock Shake no longer being available were contributing factors.

Mad props to the guy whose first instinct was to slap this crazy bastard with a “Wet Floor/Piso Mojado” cone. Not the best weapon for the situation, but it looks like the hot grease pans were out of reach, and to be honest Mickey D’s doesn’t exactly have many options available for makeshift defense.

Luckily this psychopath’s friends stepped in before too much damage could be done. There’s no telling why this dude decided to unleash chaos upon the house that Ronald McDonald built. Some people just want to watch the world burn (and to show the world their bare ass before they bail).

Needless to say, this guy was not lovin’ it.


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