Dude Loses In Fantasy Football, Is Forced To Create Incredible Photo Calendar As Punishment

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Nice Move

It sucks when you lose at fantasy football. It really sucks when you lose at fantasy football and you become a puppet for your friends to punish mercilessly.

That’s basically what happened to one dude this week, who released photos from a calendar shoot that his friends forced him into because he finished in last place.

He uploaded the photos to his Instagram account and it went viral almost instantaneously. It’s obvious this dude went all out with the photo calendar, and that’s awesome because each shot turned out pretty fucking priceless.

His sexuality is almost tangible in these photos.

The famous Brandi Chastain shot–I still can’t figure out how he did this one.

“Wrecking Ball” jokes are still relevant. Thanks, Miley.

The Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction? A timeless classic.

He uploaded every month to his Instagram account, so go check out his pictures when you have time. Give this hero a follow, too.


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