Dude Orders 400 Cases Of Beer In A Las Vegas Nightclub, Builds Beer Fort Around Table

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Nice Move

A man ordered 400 cases of beer at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas and then fortified himself and his friends inside of it.

This is strange on a number of levels. First, ordering 400 cases of beer is ridiculously expensive. If each beer costs $8.50–and it’s at least that at a nightclub–then a case of beer would cost around $200. Multiply that by 400 and that’s two teacher salaries of beer at $80,000. He basically ordered 9,600 beers.

Of course, when you’re rich, you don’t want to be bothered. This guy was either:

A) Attempting to keep the commoners away from his table by building a solid beer barrier.
B) Trying to trap dozens of attractive women inside his fortress.
C) Willing and ready to drink himself to death.
D) All of the above.

Diplo was at the same club and took an Instagram of the magnificent beer fort:

Man, it must be awesome to be that loaded.


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