“#Dufnering” Destroys The Memory of “Tebowing”

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Nice Move

The above picture of PGA Tour Golfer and everyone’s favorite dip-packin’, fairway bombin’, War Damn Eagle cryin’ redneck Jason Dufner surfaced late this week and since this is the internet, a new craze was born.

Soon after the picture went viral, Rory McIlroy took to the web to mock his buddy and #Dufnering was born.

Then it was Bubba Watson on late Thursday evening with this gem on Twitter:

Rickie Fowler and Bubba kept the fun going:

Note: #bellypoppin is my new favorite hashtag.

Next thing you knew, “#Dufnering” had kicked “Tebowing” in the gonads and pushed it down a flight of stairs, kickstarting the latest internet craze.

Oh hey, here’s Luke Donald with what looks like a pillow tucked under his shirt, mimicking Duf’s flawless beer gut and sporting an outstanding tan/sunburn combo.

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Controversy has arisen though, as it seems that Spaulding Smails could very well be the original inventor of “#Dufnering”



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