Dumbass Of The Week Wears Idiotic T-Shirt In DUI Mugshot

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Nice Move


Good old Corvallis, Oregon. Home of the Oregon State Beavers, Sara Jean Underwood and an early favorite for 2014’s mugshot of the year. Ross McMakin was arrested for driving under the influence and a bevy of other idiotic charges last week after driving his car up on a sidewalk. McMakin hopped the curb, hit a parked car and proceeded to choke his girlfriend as she attempted to wrestle the keys away from him. I say that goatee is the greatest crime of all. I doubt he’ll be smiling when the judge takes away his license for a year and his girlfriend leaves him for a guy who doesn’t wear shit like this:


I can only imagine what the rest of his wardrobe looks like.

[via UPROXX]


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