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    Dogs do not actually age at 7 years per human year. Dogs age according to their size. Larger dogs age faster than smaller dogs (large dogs at 7 years per human year, small dogs at 5 years per human year). However, all dogs age roughly 12 years per year over the first year of life. By 2 years old, all dogs are roughly the equivalent of 24. But at 12 years old, large dogs are 94, while small dogs are only about 74.

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    lol yayyy !!! i just made the first comment !!!! wooot !!!! id like to thank firstpostox becuz youve really given me the inspiration to do this and be first. if ur not first ur last !!!! i love u guys here on u guys r all my bros lol !!!! alritey guyz I best get goin now ! l8r #doods. Byeeee -sasha

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