ECH Tower? Prankster Steals “T” From Georgia Tech Landmark

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Nice Move


There are some pranksters in this world who have balls of steel, because this heist wasn’t for the faint of heart.

On Tuesday, it was discovered that the “T” on the Tech Tower – also known as the Lettie Pate Whitehead Evans Administration Building – was missing. For those unaware of its significance, the Tech Tower is the second building ever built on Georgia Tech’s campus and is the oldest building still standing.

According to local news reports, this isn’t the first time the “T” has been stolen, and theft of the “T” on school signs around campus has been rampant for years.

How someone managed to scale the side of the tower, remove the “T”, and escape unharmed and undetected is truly impressive. Security cameras were recently added to the area, however, raising the odds of the elusive prankster facing consequences in the near future.

School officials were not amused by the theft and quickly issued a statement on the incident:

We are aware that a “T” is missing from Tech Tower. Defacing campus property is not a tradition that should inspire feelings of pride. The Georgia Tech Police Department is investigating.

For the sake of the prankster, I hope he lays low for a while, because the administration doesn’t seem poised to simply accept an apology. Still, well done sir or madam.

[via My Fox Atlanta]


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