Eminem Drops Ridiculous 8-Minute Freestyle Dissing Donald Trump And His Supporters

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Nice Move


Every once in a while, I’ll hear one of Eminem’s classics and think, Where is this son of a bitch? He hasn’t dropped an album in three years. He’s 44 years old and probably sped up the natural aging process by three or four times with the amount of drugs he has ingested over the years. I had all but resigned to that fact that we might never get new material from Eminem.

Then, out of nowhere, Shady blasted a tweet both announcing that he’s working on a new album and releasing a freestyle titled “Campaign Speech,” which you can listen to below.

This is what happens when you don’t release an album for a few years and you’re extremely sick in the head a la Marshall Mathers — all that sickness gets pent up and you have to release a rambling 8-minute freestyle that only a genius is capable of creating and only a psycho can truly understand.

Ridiculous content aside, this track essentially serves as both a reminder that Eminem is still breathing and that he’s capable of rhyming more random words than anyone else walking the face of the earth. Have to respect the fact that he worked in a Trump diss to get the ol’ hype train moving. That’s Eminem Marketing 101.


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