VIDEO: Ernie Els Casually 7-Putts Hole One At The Masters In Humiliating Display

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Nice Move


As bad a putter as I am (along with pretty much every other amateur golfer), not even I would’ve done what Ernie Els did on the first hole of the Masters. What exactly happened? Well, if the title didn’t give it away, let my boss Dorn tell it to you straight.

Yup. One green, seven putts. Six of them within two feet. TWO FEET!!!

Cringeworthy stuff right there. It’s got to make you feel like an inbred fucknugget when it takes you 6 tries to get the ball into the hole from within two feet when you’ve already proven you can get it in from 384 feet in one try.

The Big Easy making it look hard out there.

[via Will deFries]

Image via Will deFries


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