Evidence Piling Up Against ‘Tickle Monster’

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Nice Move

This one comes straight from the “Can we just kill this motherfucker already?” file.

Jerry Sandusky’s trial recently began, and his accusers aren’t keeping quiet. Victim 6, now 25 years old, was front and center this week. He recalled a scene from the Penn State locker room showers in 1998 where Sandusky was giving him, then 11 years old, chest-to-chest naked bear hugs and head rubs in the shower. When the victim showed apprehension, Sandusky would entice the young man with, “But I’m the Tickle Monster.” Sandusky, you sick son of a bitch. You know kids can’t resist the goddamn Tickle Monster. What the hell is wrong with you? That’s like fishing with dynamite.

At least these victims, who are now adults, are talking. The evidence against this creep is broad and deep, and it continues to roll in. Barring a prosecution disaster or a defense team rabbit/hat trick, Sandusky will be in prison soon enough dealing with a Tickle Monster of his own, except this TM will be holding a prison shank with bad intentions.


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